Workplace Accidents

The voluntary exchange of labor for pay is the foundation of a successful capitalistic society. However, as a result of the people or entities that might take advantage of this system, the government sets standards for many aspects of business to ensure employees and employers alike are protected. The Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) and the National Institute for Occupational Safety and Health (NIOSH) are two government agencies in charge of setting safety regulations and inspecting for violations. Some workplaces in the United States are inherently dangerous, while others are made dangerous when employers or owners do not follow safety regulations set forth by the law. Without government safety regulations, some employers and business owners would sacrifice safety to save money and cut corners, even if it endangered employees. Some do in spite of regulations. Employers must be held responsible when this negligent and irresponsible behavior leads to the injury or death of an employee. This is when workplace accident lawyers can step in to hold negligent employers and business owners responsible for their injurious actions.

Industrial Accidents

Industrial workplaces can quickly become dangerous if safety codes are not known or followed and safety equipment is not used or available. Industrial accident injuries are often quite severe and are caused by

  • Boiler explosions
  • Refinery explosions
  • Electrical accidents
  • Falls
  • Exposure to asbestos
  • Other dangerous elements of the workplace

Workplace Injury

Injury incurred in the workplace can be extensive and can have far-reaching consequences. A victim of a serious workplace injury may not be able to return to work for a long time, resulting in loss of needed income, or may become permanently disabled and never able to return to work. At this point, the victim, often trained for a specific job, must try to enter a different job market, often impeded by disability, disfigurement or chronic pain.

Workers’ Compensation

Many victims of workplace accidents think the only option is to file workers’ compensation or think filing a lawsuit prohibits them from also requesting worker’s compensation. Workers’ compensation is designed to give victims initial financial help for lost income and medical bills. Serious injuries often require extensive or long-term care that may exceed the benefits of workers’ compensation. Workplace accidents lawsuits are not only used to seek compensation for an innocent victim, but are also an effective means of setting a standard of behavior for a company and, sometimes, an industry. Litigation can force a company to change unsafe procedures or policies so that more people are not injured in the future.

Expert Legal Counsel is Vital

Industrial accidents usually require thousands of pages of documents, extensive research and an understanding of the highly technical issues involved in workplace injury litigation. Victims of workplace accidents are often up against teams of corporate lawyers working to make sure the company pays outs a paltry amount and accepts as little responsibility as possible. Victims need experienced and knowledgeable lawyers on their side who are not afraid to take a case to trial. Fried Rogers Goldberg has the resources to do comprehensive, in-depth research to build a strong, effective case on your behalf.

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