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Surviving an accident involving a 60,000+ lb. commercial truck is an uncommon event. Besides the loss of a loved one, the other passengers who may survive are likely to need lifelong medical care for physical and emotional injuries.

Our firm dedicates itself to representing those involved in a truck accident, because a family’s world is often changed forever. When Joe, Buck, and Michael decided to dedicate their practice of law to only representing victims of trucking collisions, they knowingly accepted the responsibility to help put a family back together as best as they could.

Fried Rogers Goldberg exclusively represent victims who have sustained a catastrophic injury or loss of a loved one due to trucking accidents, severe car accidents, and other tragic incidents involving careless or reckless behavior. Our lawyers have built a remarkable record of success over the years, which has earned our firm a reputation for legal representation that delivers the results a family requires in order to carry on. We are often asked to join trial teams by referring attorneys to act as lead counsel in catastrophic injury cases, frequently when the trial may only be days away.

Below is a list of recent verdicts and settlements. Many of these people have suffered catastrophic injuries, and to protect the privacy and decency of our clients, many of the details are withheld. Successful outcomes like the ones below cannot undo what has happened, but they can provide a level of comfort and support to make the recovery easier. The purpose of the results below is to show consistent recoveries so you can have faith in knowing you in good hands.

We can never promise a successful outcome in any case (and you should be fearful of any lawyer who does promise or guarantee), but we do promise to give every case we accept 100% of our ability and resources. While we are headquartered in Atlanta, we have represented families around the country, so if you or a loved one has been injured in an accident like these, contact Fried Rogers Goldberg today to get the help you deserve.

Disclaimer: These case results do not guarantee a specific result for your case as each case is different and must be evaluated separately. 

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$80 Million – Truck Accident

$80 million – A trucker slammed into the rear of two stopped cars on the highway, ultimately killing five young nursing students, and seriously injuring two others. Our firm represented two of the families who lost daughters, as well as one of the seriously injured nurses. We worked with other lawyers to negotiate a global resolution for most of the case – a total of $80 million, of which our clients received $35 million.

$5.25 million – Disabled Vehicle

This case involved the wrongful death of a mother and child who were in a disabled vehicle that was struck by a tractor-trailer in icy conditions near South Londonderry Township, Penn.

$5 million – Truck Accident

Man was paralyzed from waist down after being struck by tractor-trailer on side of road after ice storm.

$5 million – Rear End Collision

A tractor-trailer rear-ended a car being driven by our client, a Georgia Southern nursing student, after stopping on the interstate due to traffic. Our client had numerous orthopedic injuries.

$4.25 million – Intersection Collision

In one of the largest wrongful death settlement in Greenville County, S.C. history, The Truck Accident Attorneys secured $4.25 million after the death of a middle-aged mother of two.

$4.1 million – Bus Accident

Husband and wife were injured in collision with transit bus.

$3.8 million – Wrongful Death

Father was struck and killed by tractor-trailer after his car was disabled in roadway in Valdosta, GA.

$3.5 million – Ambulance Collision

Verdict at trial for woman who suffered cervical fusion after being rear-ended by ambulance. For more information, please read here.

$3.25 million – Truck/Pedestrian Accident

A truck driver working on a refrigeration unit on the trailer of a vehicle on the shoulder was struck by a commercial vehicle, resulting in a brachial plexus injury to his right arm in Cumming, Ga.

$3 million – Premises Liability

Woman underwent multiple level fusion in her spine as a result of fall through a rotted railing on a balcony and received the full policy limits of insurance coverage for her injuries.

$20 million – Truck Accident

The firm’s trial team was able to recover $20 million on behalf of a man that suffered brain injuries after a tractor-trailer ran a red light and collided with his vehicle. The recovery will help to pay for the necessary in-home care and cover life-long expenses as our client is not capable of continuing his career.

$2.75 million – Rear-End Collision

The Truck Accident Attorneys secured this result after a middle-aged man injured his neck and upper back, requiring spinal reconstruction surgery, when his vehicle was rear-ended by a work truck employee who was texting while driving on GA 400 near Alpharetta, Fulton County, Ga.

$2.5 million – Rear-End Collision

A man suffered orthopedic injuries when his stopped vehicle was rear-ended by a tractor-trailer and pushed into the vehicle in front of him near Lawrenceville in Gwinnet County, Ga.

$2.5 million – Back Surgery

Our client was severely injured in Effingham County when he struck logs protruding out of trailer into his lane of travel resulting in a serious back injury requiring multiple surgeries.

$2.4 million – Truck Accident

Man suffered mild traumatic brain injury after collision with tractor-trailer.

$2 million – Wrongful Death

Family of pedestrian who was struck and killed by a pizza delivery person was awarded the full policy limits of insurance coverage.

$2 million – Truck on Truck Accident

Truck driver was injured in collision in Alabama with another tractor-trailer.

$2 million – Truck Accident

Man suffered severe PTSD after tractor trailer fell on top of his car trapping him in vehicle for several hours.

$2 million – Truck Accident

Wrongful death settlement for family of man on motor scooter that collided with straight truck at intersection in Myrtle Beach, SC.

$2 million – Drowning Case

Verdict for family of mentally handicapped adult who drowned in pool at facility. For more information, please read here.

$2 million – Company Vehicle Accident

Our trial team was proud to recover $2 million on behalf of a Virginia man that was injured after a company work truck recklessly crashed into his vehicle.

$2 million – Auto Accident

A woman was awarded nearly $2 million after her leg was badly fractured when her car was rear-ended by a commercial van.

$14.75 million – Rear-End Collision

A woman’s arm was burned and her husband and daughter were killed when their vehicle was rear-ended by a tractor-trailer on a bridge near Myrtle Beach, S.C. The family requested our firm file a wrongful death lawsuit in which we were able to recover $14.75 million.

$10.4 million – Wrongful Death

A federal jury awarded $10.4 million dollars on behalf of family members, after the devastating loss of a father and his two children when a commercial truck driver fell asleep at the wheel, resulting in the cross of the centerline and striking the father’s vehicle.

$1.8 million – Truck v. Truck Collision

In this case, a truck driver injured his back and suffered a permanent nerve injury when a tractor-trailer struck his truck as he slept in his sleeper berth in a parking lot in Douglasville, Ga.

$1.75 million – Truck/Motorcycle Collision

A motorcyclist was killed after being struck by tractor-trailer whose driver negligently failed to yield the right of way when turning left and took an improper left turn in Marietta in Cobb County, Ga.

$1.75 million – Straight Truck Accident

Man underwent lumbar fusion after being rear-ended by straight truck.

$1.75 million – Pedestrian Accident

39 year-old woman suffered multiple fractures to her leg when she was struck by a tractor-trailer while crossing a street at night on Moreland Avenue in DeKalb County, Georgia.

$1.5 million – Wrongful Death

Motorcyclist was killed when he attempted to avoid wreck in front of him and went off roadway into guardrail.

$1.5 million – Intersection Collision

In this case, The Truck Accident Attorneys won a substantial amount for a young woman injured when a tractor-trailer ran a red light and struck her vehicle in Decatur, Ga.

$1.5 million – Disabled Vehicle

A man suffered orthopedic injuries when his disabled vehicle was rear-ended by a tractor-trailer in Macon, Ga.

$1.3 million – Left-Hand Turn Collision

We helped a middle-aged man who suffered a serious heart injury when a tractor-trailer made a left-hand turn in front of him, causing a collision in Catoosa County, Ga.

$1.2 million – Underride Collision

In this case, a middle-aged woman suffered a brain injury after striking a tractor-trailer that was backing into a driveway in Jenkins County in South Georgia.

$1.2 million – Tractor Trailer Accident

47 year-old man suffered abdominal injury when tractor-trailer merged into traffic in front of his vehicle in Columbia, SC causing his vehicle to strike the rear of the trailer.

$1.2 million – Left-Hand Turn Collision

A young girl suffered a fractured femur when a tractor-trailer turned left in front of her, causing a collision in Jonesboro, Clayton County, Ga.

$1.15 million – Truck Accident

46 year-old man underwent multilevel lumbar fusion as a result of collision with jackknifed tractor-trailer on I-285 in Atlanta, Georgia.

$1.125 million – Rear-End Collision

A young man suffered mild traumatic brain injury after a tractor-trailer collided with his stopped vehicle in Bryan County near Savannah, Ga.

$1.125 million – Intersection Collision

Verdict at trial for woman who suffered a shoulder injury in a collision at intersection. For more information, please read here.

$1.1 million – Truck Accident

Man underwent cervical fusion after tractor-trailer collision.

$1,752,330.21 – Wrongful Death

We helped the family of a murdered photographer obtain the largest compensatory wrongful death verdict in Forsyth County history.

$1,400,000 – Escalator Malfunction

A Fulton County jury awarded $1.4 million dollars to our client who broke her leg when an escalator malfunctioned before the Peach Bowl at a MARTA station.

$1,106,165.02 – Wrongful Death

We obtained a million dollar verdict for the parents of a 17-year old boy who died in an automobile accident in the very conservative venue of Forsyth County. This verdict was our second consecutive million dollar plus verdict in this county in the past two years.

$1,064,105 – Taxi Cab Accident

Our client was struck by a taxicab when exiting a bus and suffered multiple fractures to both legs and a closed head injury. The jury returned the million dollar verdict in less than three hours.

$1,002,763 – RSD Injury

Verdict for dentist who suffered nerve injury in her wrist as a result of a low impact rear end accident.

$1 million – Underride Accident

A young woman died when she collided with the side of a trailer that was making an improper U-turn in McDonough, Henry County, Ga. The Truck Accident Attorneys obtained a policy limits recovery for the husband without filing a lawsuit.

$1 million – Truck/Motorcycle Collision

A motorcyclist was killed when a tractor-trailer swerved on the road in Atlanta.

$1 million – Jacknifed truck results in wrongful death

Our client was killed after tractor-trailer jackknifed and his vehicle struck the tractor-trailer.

$1 million – Dram Shop

Police officer who was involved in collision with drunk driver was paid policy limits of insurance coverage by bar who overserved driver.