Sleeping Trucker Kills State Trooper

Accident Facts

A trucking company’s negligent management may have contributed to the death of an Illinois state trooper who was killed when a truck driver fell asleep at the wheel in late November. The driver, Johnny Felton, Jr. of Atlanta, was not medically fit to be driving for Dot Transportation, Inc., the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration concluded. Regulators blamed Felton for not informing his employer of a medical condition that made him unfit to drive, and they also faulted Dot Transportation for its lack of oversight in the lead-up to the Nov. 26 crash. Trooper Kyle Deatherage was struck and killed while performing a traffic stop near Litchfield, Ill.

 Our Comments

Trucking companies are tasked with ensuring all their employees comply with federal laws. The driver in this case also bears responsibility for not informing his employer of a medical condition that made him unfit for his job. While any driver can fall asleep at the wheel and cause a deadly accident, certain medical conditions or medications increase the likelihood of this happening. Those drivers should not be behind the wheel of massive trucks that can cause serious damage to life and property.

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Who do you think bears more fault in this accident–the driver or the company? In addition to a possible lawsuit, do you think criminal charges should apply? None have been filed. Share this blog to get the thoughts of others and let everyone know how dangerous falling asleep at the wheel can be.

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