New Electronic Driver Log Regulations Coming Sooner Than Expected

Electronic Driving Log RegulationsNew federal regulations mandating the use of electronic driver logs are now set to go into effect sooner than expected. The Department of Transportation will now publish its new rules covering electronic logs on Sept. 30. The DOT had previously said the final rules, which aim to keep the roads safer by reducing driver fatigue, wouldn’t be published until almost a year from now.

After the new regulations are published, trucking companies will have two years to implement the electronic logs. In addition to electronic record keeping, the DOT’s new rules also touch on driver harassment, hardware specifications and other hours of service documentation. These DOT regulations, which have strong supporters and detractors, are going to have an impact on every truck driver.

There are few attorneys who know the ins and outs of truck accident law as well as Fried Rogers Goldberg LLC. We literally wrote the book on truck accident law, and it’s our job to stay up on changes. Here’s what we know.

The Electronic Logbook Law And What’s Changing

The DOT’s new regulations can be broken into four sections. The most important and noteworthy is the mandatory implementation of electronic logs. The DOT and others in support of the electronic logs say they will keep drivers safer by reducing hours-of-service violations, as well as greatly reduce paperwork. Here’s what’s happening:

  • The electronic logs will be required for any driver who must have paper logs for 8 or more days out of 30 on the road.
  • For companies already using approved record-keeping devices, there appears to be a provision extending the DOT’s deadline.
  • It’s expected that the cost to adapt to the electronic logs will be anywhere from $200 to $832.
  • According to Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration data, 20 deaths and 434 injuries per year will be prevented by mass use of electronic log books.
  • The log books will save $394.8 million per year in annual safety benefits, the FMCSA says.

Here’s what federal transportation officials are saying about the use of electronic logs:

“By implementing Electronic Logging Devices, we will advance our mission to increase safety and prevent fatigued drivers from getting behind the wheel. With broad support from safety advocates, carriers and members of Congress, we are committed to achieving this important step in the commercial bus and truck industries.” – Anne S. Ferro, FMSCA

“Today’s proposal will improve safety while helping businesses by cutting unnecessary paperwork – exactly the type of government streamlining President Obama called for in his State of the Union address. By leveraging innovative technology with Electronic Logging Devices, we have the opportunity to save lives and boost efficiency for both motor carriers and safety inspectors.” – Anthony Foxx, Transportation Secretary

Industry Opposition

Truck drivers looking at dataSome are opposed to the widespread use of electronic log books. The Owner Operator Independent Drivers Association has been leading that fight. OOIDA wrote a 53-page response to the government’s electronic logbook proposal, saying mandatory e-logs would have “wide-ranging, negative implications” because, among other reasons, state inspectors are not properly equipped and the electronic logs themselves may not be accurate.

OOIDA also said carriers use the electronic logs to harass drivers, potentially affecting safety. For example, a trucking company could order a trucker back on the road if the log shows he has not reached his limit of drivable hours — though the driver may have stopped because he was too fatigued to drive.

But driver harassment is another major point in the new DOT regulations. FMCSA’s website says there will be an explicit ban on harassment of drivers through the electronic logs. A procedure will also be set up to file harassment complaints that can be punishable by up to an $11,000 civil penalty for “a motor carrier that engages in harassment of a driver that leads to an hours-of-service violation or the driver operating the vehicle when they are so fatigued or ill it compromises safety.”
According to the to-be-published rules, harassment rule changes would include:

  • Drivers having increased access to records
  • Precise wording about carriers harassing drivers
  • Implementation of a complaint procedure
  • Stiffer penalties for driver harassment
  • Limitations on tracking
  • A mute function on devices
  • Driver confidentially in enforcement proceedings

The new DOT rules will include hardware changes. Overall, there will be more technological advances required than the DOT’s 2010 rules, chief among those the electronic log device. Specifications will mandate a device be attached to each truck’s engine to track miles driven, motion status, engine hours and more.

For now, that’s what we know about how the DOT’s new regulations will affect truck drivers from Georgia and beyond.

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50 Responses to “New Electronic Driver Log Regulations Coming Sooner Than Expected”

  1. Tim

    All this talk about safety. I’m a haz-waste hauler each day hundreds of cars and pickups pass me as if I was sitting still. They cut us off, stop us from changing lanes, and so much more. I was on e-logs my mileage dropped and so did my pay. So I was still pushing to get every Mike I could in to make a living. Also ferro was wrong on the hours of service she forced on us. This too is wrong. By cutting miles you cut pay. To make the same amount of money they would have to raise pay per mile. If they do that the cost of freight will go up and cost in stores goes up. This is not the answer. Trucks were must safer back in the day before theses careless cold hearted four wheelers came into the picture

    • Rick

      So why not get rid of the 14 hour rule that makes no sense at all? Example, why not be able to run a few hours and get unloaded and say you dont reload for 8 or ten hours, why not be able to just start fresh, or be able to drive 5 0r 6 hours and sleep for 4 or 5 five if your feeling tired. I used to be able to drive 5 sleep 4 and drive 5 and sleep 4, as long as you get your rest why be forced to do this 14 hour thing? And then be forced to sit for 30minutes for no reason, if your not tired and feeling good it will actually make you tired sitting like that for no reason. I used to always stop and catch on hour or 2 nap during rush hour if I had to go through any big city. The electronic logs would be great if they would lose this 14 hour deal. Makes no sense to force drivers into driving 11 hours straight. Let these college educated idiots tell us why we need to do everything in a 14 hour period. They cant!!!!!!!!!!!!!

      • Rick

        No, they can calculate speed by GPS Im sure, that or they can buy you a new truck, its sickening how these companies hire idiots and then make us all look bad, thats why the idiots are babysitting, I say just lose the 14 hour rule and then Im ok with the elogs, well I could at least tolerate them then. Why force everybody to be driving long hours, and everyone stuck trying to park at the same time. Trucking is such a joke anymore. I loved the old rules, they worked great, some college educated retard figured this was the way. Aholes

  2. jeffery

    What about those of us with trucks that have pump money into our trucks with pre ECM ? Are we going to have to buy newer trucks ?

    • Harvey

      Did your logs can be done by smart phones, so older trucks can still be used your just log it on the phone. That way it tracks your GPS location when you go on and off duty and if you move it detects change in location.

  3. steven

    Welcome to communism at its finest we sit back and back some more til they just do as they please little by little til we have nothing to stand on

  4. JANE P .


    • Rick

      If they are concerned about safety why all of these foreigners that cant speak or read english???? They drive JUNK, they get their own AUTHORITY and then nobody checks their driving record or background. The foreign brokers here in the states get a few MC#’s and run all of their idiot drivers under one number until its in bad shape then switch to the next while that one gets back in shape after so much time, they just keep running these #’s in circles and just kills me to see these clowns in the USA like they were born here. Why dont they crack down on them???? That would get rid of alot of accidents, not forcing Elogs on drivers that are doing fine for the last 30 or 40 years. I wish the COUNTRY could see how many of these scum bags are here driving 40 plus ton rolling missles down the road in USA, and to see trucking companies called “Turban Trucking” with a big picture of a turban on the side of their trucks. It’s such a joke in this country any more.I guess I got off track here but these foreigners are sickening anymore, they are like flip flop ferries.

  5. Tim

    If semis have to be on e-logs then all vehicles on the road should have to be installed with those shit boxes !! Trains , jets ext…

  6. Robert Gilio

    I drove for Ryder for years using the Electronic Logs. Not only was it the Best Truck Driving Job I ever had, it was also the Best Paying. I had been Driving Trucks for 18 years when I began using Electronic Logs. I wouldn’t have it any other way.

    • Blair

      Thanks Robert for your candid and honest opinion ! I have been installing e-logs in trucks for almost 5 years now and there was a time when it was akin to pulling teeth trying to get some drivers to even come in for their appointment made by their dispatcher, I was sure there was a price on my head at one time, Well as time has passed and more and more drivers get these e logs I have had occasion to see some of the drivers I put them in for years ago and believe it or not their comments and feelings so closely mirror exactly what you are saying it is uncanny. Once a driver has had it for a little while they honestly admit it is the best thing since sliced bread!!! E-Logs are a great thing for this industry they are simply misunderstood! The only truckers that have an ounce of reason to fear them are the ones who feel it is necessary to break the law to earn a living by driving beyond the federally mandated limit . Sorry fellas, maybe it is time to find a different job if that is the case, I have been earning a living legally doing what I do for almost 35 years without breaking the law and am financially secure without the thought of breaking the law to have more money. This is what , after the smoke clears , it boils down to.

      • Mark stover

        I have never had a log book ticket in 20 years of driving I did everything by the book because of e log I am done driving oh and I never had a accident in a big truck in 20 years so stick them e logs up your ass

      • Dan

        I have driven for Swift on a local account and to be home every night. I spent more time in the bunk of that truck because of the time lost at warehouses and the traffic we have to deal with here in the Northeast. I am a coach in the little league and have been for years. I missed more games of coaching that year than I was sick. Nothing bothered me more than being 45 minutes from home and have to pull over and take a 10 hour break. It sucks cause the bigger company’s don’t care about anything other than their pockets. I enjoyed my job at Swift. Supposed to be home but it didn’t work out that way. And it was a dedicated account. I do agree it had good points and bad with the Elogs. But most if the accidents are from the inexperienced Drivers that are already using the Elogs right out of schooling.

        • Charles Whitfield

          Look at it this,way; The feds first came up with the 6 week driver program and I,personally have witnessed several ignorant,reckless accidents caused by their inexperience on 5-6 and 7 % grades,with and without rain or ice and snow.Just stupidity! Now,hell would have to freeze before the feds admit they f—ked up in allowing that to take place. So,to save face from public redicule,they again conjure up another bulls—-t propaganda law covering their own asses in the form of e-logs. All who fall for that bs is either crazy as hell,or just plain lazy as hell,can’t count to 24,or maybe getting some benefit for jumping on the bandwagon with these mmongrels.But, I personally wish that all OOs and reputable companies could just shut down completely for about a month and make those bureaucrats have to hunt rabbits for food then,and only then, would they understand what they are doing. But,the Good Book says, The good souls will suffer with the bad until all are judged by God.Then,there will be a concert of begging and moaning for forgiveness! The highway and interstate drunk 4wheelers don’t cause problems,it’s only the accident free,professional truck drivers that do stupid things on the road and have to be,constantly monitored.
          I ask you,”Where is the common sense that used to hang around congress and the senate? It used to be quite abundant,but now, I wonder if they are all dope users themselves or not. They would cover that up with another rediculous law as well,I’m sure.

      • Bill

        Yeah you might be financeally well because of the high prices you get payed from us truck drivers!! Every price in all the truck stops are high and they nickel and dime us! Everyone around the trucking industry makes bank other than the truck driver himself! You find a demand or a requirement that the trucking industry needs and you can ask your price! So do not justify that to truck drivers sir! Cause you have no idea. That’s la slap in the face!!

      • Lenny Metcalf

        I have a 94 Pete in mint condition. Mechanical engine. Can you do any thing for me ? If so where are you located?

    • james

      I just want to say… I think the e..logs are retarded…and this is why…I went off duty to start my 10hr break I was off for 3 and a half hours… I had to move the truck not even a mile and was only doing 20mph…it reset my logs so I had to start my 10hr break all over again. And there’s no one at my company after hours to help me out with that. If I was still on paper logs this wouldn’t of happend. And it made me late to my delivery. How messed up and miss guided are the people who are enforcing this…there is no time to do anything anymore. If u fuel u better move ur butt or u could run out of time…this just puts drivers over the edge. Then they clock the trucks at 62 64 or 65 some are 70mph..and out west the speed limit is 75 or 80 miles an hour this is just impeding traffic makes other drivers on the road mad at the truckers if we try to pass somebody it takes us a hell of a lot longer to get where we need to go this is just insane what I think needs to happen is every single trucker in the world need to get together and have a strike make everything stop running and then maybe they will learn that it’s not just them that matters.

    • Dan

      Yeah nothing like being gone for a week and coming up 45 minutes short of your home, then what do you do? I’m sure you’re real super trucker working for Ryder

  7. Brooke

    I don’t see any good in this new law, if you are a bad driver, nothing is going to change that, this is for selling devices and exploit more the drivers, loads are too slow these days and rates keep lower every day

  8. Joe

    Just more bull regulation to screw up those who might get tired after 6 hrs. and instead of stopping to take a 2 or 3 hr. nap they’ll keep pushing themselves.

  9. Doug Hazen

    The people who are making these laws up and shoving them down our throats are intoxicated with power. I doubt if most or any of them ever even ever
    drove a truck and they really believe they know best how to dictate to us how to be safer. What a joke.It has been and always will be about power and control over those who they look to be beneath them while they make the big money and keep reducing the working mans money.

  10. Enrique

    The agenda is. New world order. and it will be imposed by the
    elite true our government wich no longer is the people of the United States of amerca

  11. George

    The law is the law and will take effect i am out as sokn as it takes into effect..they will start enforced untill so many drivers quit and then they will stop enforse it cause USA need driver a lot 🙂 🙂 not worth it to drive a truck when u can work for uber or lyft as a ridesharing driver and make $800-$900 a week.i know that cause i was working for them long time ago and they dont have electronic log they are consider it safe driver regardless they drive 18+ hours a day in the city traffic …

  12. BERTO

    people siting up there in their big old desk n thinking of how to pass more goverment regulation is all that it is. THEY DONT KNOW A THING ABOUT TRUCKING.FUll control is all they want n more $ from a growing industry. I GOT THE SOLUTION FOR THESE GOONES. COME DRIVE A TRUCK FOR 2 years n ull change ur mind. More rest areas, laws on 4wheelers tangling with big rigs n ILL GIVE U BIG GOVERMENT 1. stiffer penalties for log violations. WE NEED TO TAKE OUR COUNTRY BAAACK.E LOGS???? PUT URSELF ON 1 first big goverment????

  13. marc

    If we have e logs then do away with the seventy hour rule and go back to the five hour split and I don’t need someone to tell me when iam tired iam Human not a robot there are more accidents know with companies that already have e logs why don’t we just do away with logs altogether and see what happens it would be safer but then the government couldn’t control use and treat use like robots the USA is supposed to be free but its not a free country

    • Pete

      Well with all the complaints that we have why don’t we make them listen let’s have a real driver shortage everybody call in sick all at the same time have a nice day and I haven’t had a day off in a long time maybe it’s time to go fishing and besides if they won’t make it I’ll probably hire foreigners to do our job

  14. Tony Harris

    A lot of the problem, too many drivers with very little experience being put on the road by large companies. They will make drivers in time, but need to team a lot longer. Its makes no sense that you can be a trainer after 3 months of driving experience. Big companies want electronic logs. Big companies Big Money. It should be really simple for everyone to figure out why the politicians are pushing so hard.

    • Alex

      Exactly – big company vs O/O
      This e-log gives them greater advantage
      Before long O/O will be FORCED to work for corporate America

  15. Steve

    I now just Hotshot. The truck is unhooked when not hauling and used for personal use. How is this going to work for us. Can a e-log be programed for that. We run logs and everything the same as a big rig. We run legal and this just seems to be another added cost. I get harassed a lot with no violations. This will only make it worst.

  16. DirtyDog

    This thing boils down to control!
    You also have people making laws for the trucking industry that probably never even sat in a truck, much less ever took a trip in one!! If you’ve never experienced what we go through on a daily basis than you have no clue!! I just wonder what the reaction is going to be when trucks are parked everywhere because there e-log says it’s time to shut down!! I would be willing to bet that if you put a stipulation on this law that says that the law makers have to loose the same percentage of pay that the drivers were going to loose by running the e-logs that there would be some second thoughts!! But of course there pockets are plenty full from the kick-ups from these monster companies out here pushing for this!!!
    I was thinking and trying to remember the last time a seen a truck laying on its side or in a wreck that wasn’t already running e-logs..and from what I can remember the monster companies that are pushing out so called drivers with a whole 2-3 weeks experience seems to be a bigger problem to me. I know everyone has to learn but I’m of the opinion that you should have to log a minimum set of hour driving under the supervision of a seasoned driver before being turned loose! Where the big concern when it comes to that? And don’t even get me started on the problem of there being more trucks then parking in this country!!!
    This is all a big Joke!!!

    • I heard if you have a truck that's 2000 or older you can still use paper logs is it true

      Yeah what’s going to happen when you’re sitting in traffic cause of an accident for 4 hours an every one runs out of time and can’t move there trucks off the high way that’s going to be funny

  17. jeff

    Haha if only they would see, most of the accidents with trucks are swift, snyder, England and all those other big company’s already running elogs. The problem is is not driver fatigue, it’s driver inability/ inexperience. Just my 2 cents

  18. Josie

    This is a big joke right how soon till the government wants to tale us when we can stop to take a shit

  19. David Hawkins

    I’m not sure what’s going to happen to my business. I own a small towing company and as it is now, log books and the wrecker industry don’t work with each other. In this industry we have to work when the work comes in. Given the way this is written I would have to hire day shift and night shift, then pay the drivers by the hour. This would almost double my operating cost and i would never keep any experienced drivers due to loss of income. In turn i would have to pass the cost down to my customers. As it is its already difficult for small trucking companys to keep up with all the rules and regulations in place, even more so for highly regulated industries like the towing industry.

  20. heath

    OK let’s say your on e logs your in the dock you nap it takes 5 hours to load guess what you burned five hours doing nothing but you slept now you have choice to drive 5 or wait five oh that’s right they want you off the property so now there is no way to deliver on time so it’s late now you have to wait for another appt.more time lost meanwhile on paper you could del and reload no lost time all this is going to so is raise all the prices and us as the consumer will pay

  21. Mary

    Love love my electronic device. What they need to change is the speed limit cdl drivers drive. We have way to many drivers driving like there ain’t a tomorrow, even worst they tail gate when they’re driving 75 mph.

  22. Rick

    I would like to mandate some new regulations on those idiot law makers or thieves,you know those people that robbed the trains by horseback and masks.Yes people,it is the same people today but with a suit and tie and some G. damn bullshit education certificate.How clear is it that society is sickened by your efforts to lead.You motherfuckers are going down for war crimes.Fucking count on it.

  23. Mark stover

    I have been a otr drive for 20 years now the problem is all of those immigrant out that can’t read or write English should not be in a truck and all of those truck driving school need to teach those steering wheel holders how to fill out a logbook will make a difference I said the day E log were forced is the day I quit driving so dot get ready for all the old timers to walk away now you think you have accident now just wait when there nothing but rookies out there on the road . So to all good luck out this is teddy bear saying good bye time for me to spend time with my family

  24. Dan

    They want the Elogs in all trucks for the safety. Right it’s all about slowing us down. What they need to do us look at the trucks that are in most of the accidents and they will see that those trucks already have the Elogs on them. They don’t realize that most Drivers that are fatigue is because of the warehouses that they deliver to hold them there for 3-5 hours. That is the biggest problem. They need to start regulating them more than us Drivers. Most of them are union and don’t give a shit at all. What it is really going to do is hurt the drivers pocket. And that my fellow Drivers will cause a lot of drivers to look elsewhere for work. Being home on weekends now is a good thing,but once they put this into affect you will be out more and your 34 hour reset will come in the middle of the week. That will mean that the bigger company’s will win. They can push all of Independent Drivers out so they have all the work.

  25. Jamarius Warren

    The hold trucking industry has gone to crap.You make these emissions laws and make these trucks that have literally broke us owner operaters with the repairs that continues stay in the shop (regen ) problems.California comes up with theses rules and all us do not run to California.It was so crazy to make all new trucks with Regen system.It has totally detoured guys from buying new when they here about how they stay in the shop for regen problems.You all do not pay for the tows and repair constantly.Now here it is log book laws and electronic laws when the freight already don’t pay nothing and you have to sit at the shipper forever or receiver and all the time is gone.But don’t worry you all will drive drivers away from trucking when this is what we know how to do,while you sit at home thinking how to decrease ways for us to support our family.Sometime your book sense don’t make sense for everyone else when you never drove a day in your life.You are making a mess with truck stops over crowded and just the way you people think helping,and Yall are killing us real slow with the crazy laws and demands.I am already seeking another professional job cause this is slowly about to crash or die out

    • I heard if you have a truck that's 2000 or older you can still use paper logs is it true

      Once the law goes into effect I’m done with the road I’m going local at least I can have someone pick me up if I run out of hours

  26. Roger

    I wander how many government officials and employees would like to have a camera on them all day and every time they leave early or come in late they were fined 11000 dollars. Well that’s the laws they want to impose on all the independent and small company drivers.In a industry that can’t get enough good help it seems pretty stupid to force more good people out by taking away more of our freedoms.

  27. Revolution

    It is time for a Revolution. 2nd amendment was designed to allow the people to take back their country.

  28. Michael

    Basically we are going to be sitting at warehouses for free now. I’ve ran both elogs an paper. An in my honest opinion paper is my preference. E logs are very problematic. I wish us drivers could stick together an keep this from happening, but I know that’s not going to happen even if we could. Its unfortunate cause I really like driving a truck, but it looks like I will need a career change, cause I be dammed having a computer telling me what to do. Sitting at warehouses for free-stupid!!!!

  29. Verl

    I have been driving trucks since I was a farm kid. I am 58 years old and have 0 accidents lifetime record. I refuse to have a computer tell me when I am sleepy! For instance on a 3 day run I get loaded by 6:00 am I can drive for 8 hrs take 1/2 hr break drive for 3 more hrs and then must shut down for 10 hrs. At this point it is 5:30 pm. So by 10:00 pm I am finally tired enough to go to sleep! I now have 5 1/2 hrs left of my 10 hr break to sleep! And this is safer???????? I refuse to drive sleepy so I will no longer be an owner operator once electronic logs become mandatory. It is not safe!!!!!!!!

  30. Todd

    I have been driving trucks since I was a kid on the farm. I have been driving truck over the road since 1983 . For the past three years I have been forced to drive with an e log I am driving more fatigued and and more stressed out than I ever was with paper logs. I am at 34 cents a mile it is hard to make a living when they cut your miles down to satisfy the slogs because you run out of hrs before you reach your destination or get home. E logs would be ok if you didn’t have to deal with weather, traffic, and 4 to 6 hr loading and unloading times and not to mention shippers and receiving points that won’t let you park in there staging areas when you get there.


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