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3 Spring Cleaning Tips to Increase Driver Safety

Spring has sprung; is your vehicle ready for the change in season?

You may be excited for warmer temperatures and roads free of snow, but if your vehicle isn’t properly prepared, you could be at a higher risk for an accident.

The Insurance Institute for Highway Safety, about one in 10 highway deaths occur in a collision involving a large truck. Though a clean and well-maintained car cannot guarantee a wreck won’t transpire, simple maintenance can help make traveling conditions safer.

Get your vehicle ready for spring with these three tips:

Take a Look at Your Tires

A Georgia winter can be rough on your car, especially your tires.

If you used snow tires last season, it’s time to change them. When you leave winter tires on too long after winter, they tend to soften in warmer temperatures and can wear faster leading to a potential blowout.

All other tires need to be checked, cleaned and possibly changed.

When cleaning your tires, it’s important to use products without acidic ingredients so as not to damage the material. You can use a stiff brush to scrub off built-up grime, and a toothbrush for all smaller, hard-to-reach areas. If your tires aren’t properly cleared, inflated or do not have a thick enough tread, blowouts and hydroplaning become much more possible.


Spend Time on the Exterior

Of course, you want the interior of your car to look good. After all, you didn’t pay extra for those leather seats to not have them shine. Just don’t forget to also spend a significant amount of time getting the exterior of your vehicle ready for spring, too.
To prevent damaging your car’s paint, make sure you read the cleaning bottle’s label very carefully. To achieve a nice, sleek look, search for a wash that is delicate and smooth. For a gentler clean, consider washing your vehicle by hand.

If your windows or lights are covered with dirt, debris and particles left over from winter, it may be harder to see and focus on the road in front of you and potentially cause an accident.


Take a Look Under the Hood

It’s important to know what’s going on underneath the hood of your car – not just as the season changes, but all year long.

If you don’t know much about cars, consider scheduling an appointment with your local mechanic.

Make sure the oil, air filters and spark plugs are checked and all fluids are topped off, including the washer fluid. If any of these components fail while you’re on the road, there is no opportunity to fix them on the spot and you could experience a mechanical breakdown or a wreck.

If you or a loved one has been involved in a car accident involving a truck, you could benefit from speaking to an attorney.

Just because you’ve done your part to ensure your vehicle is ready for spring does not mean other drivers have taken the same measures. Specifically, when drivers fail to maintain large trucks and commercial vehicles, the consequences of a tractor trailer accident can be tragic.

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