Recent Truck Accidents

Commercial trucks are a vital part of the United States economy, but accidents resulting from negligence or dangerous driving should not be. Unfortunately, truck wrecks resulting in serious injury or death are a common occurrence. Due to the immense size of trucks and the often flammable or explosive nature of their cargo, accidents involving tractor-trailers are usually catastrophic and often cause fatalities.

The following list are tractor trailer, semi, and commercial truck accidents throughout the SouthEast. If we missed an accident, send us a report.


  • Sleeping Trucker Kills State Trooper
    Accident Facts A trucking company’s negligent management may have contributed to the death of an Illinois state trooper who was killed when a truck driver fell asleep at the wheel in late November. The driver, Johnny Felton, Jr. of Atlanta, was not medically fit to be driving for Dot Transportation, Inc., the Federal Motor Carrier... Read more »
  • Fatal Accident Involving Motorcylist and Box Truck
    Accident Facts Egbemimon Edorh-Ananou was the fatal victim of an accident involving his motorcycle and a Freightliner box truck on September 29 in Montgomery County. The motorcycle operated by Edorh-Ananou entered the truck’s lane, for reasons that Montgomery County Police are still working to determine. He was pronounced dead at the scene. The driver of... Read more »
  • Semi Truck Rollover Accident on Highway Access Ramp
    Accident Facts A truck driver was rescued after firefighters dismantled the cab of his International tractor-trailer to reach him. The driver was trapped during an accident in which his vehicle rolled onto its side. The 44-year-old driver, whose name is unknown at this time, was on West Gwinnett Street and failed to properly access the... Read more »
  • Trucker Drives Box Truck into Canal, Swims to Safety
    Accident Facts A truck driver is being charged with failure to maintain the lane after he drove a 2000 Freightliner box truck through the guardrail on eastbound Interstate 20 and into the Augusta Canal. Driver Brent Whitlock escaped with minimal harm and swam to the shore. His dog was in the truck with him and... Read more »
  • Two Cyclists Injured, One Dead after Semi Truck Accident
    Accident Facts Three cyclists were hit by a tractor-trailer near Dawson Georgia on July 26. One rider, Peter Cornell, 64, was killed and the two other riders, Thomas Clark, 62, and Joseph Muscato, 60, were injured. The semi hit the three cyclists from behind, knocking them into a nearby ditch. The driver claims not to... Read more »
  • Motorcyclist Runs Red Light, Causes Fatal Crash with Tractor-trailer
    Accident Facts A motorcyclist is dead after crashing into the side of a tractor-trailer at high speed. Police identified the rider as James W. Dorsey, 33, of Pooler, according to the Savannah Morning News. Dorsey was traveling west on U.S. 80 at 1:30 a.m. when he failed to stop for a traffic light and slammed... Read more »
  • Fatal Accident Involving Truck Company with History of Poor Vehicle Maintenance
    Accident Facts Flying debris from a tractor-trailer’s transmission took an eight-year-old boy’s life and permanently injured his mother, according to WGLC-TV. The Georgia State Patrol report that the Chevrolet Trailblazer, in which Cameron Mcilwain was traveling with his mother, Jameka Nicole Malone, and his infant sister, Kanary Malone, was heading westbound I-20 near downtown Atlanta.... Read more »
  • Teen Boy Dies in Accident with Semi Truck
    Accident Facts A teenage boy is dead after an accident involving his pick-up truck and a tractor-trailer on the Bobby Jones expressway. The youth, Taylor Durrence, lost control of his vehicle and swerved, hitting the semi truck carrying diesel fuel head on. Nineteen-year-old Durrence was killed instantly. The semi truck driver was not injured, although... Read more »
  • Sheriff’s Deputy Injured in Accident with Semi Truck
    Accident Facts An Effingham County Sheriff’s Deputy was injured while on duty when his patrol car was plowed into by a semi truck. The tractor-trailer heading south on Georgia 21 attempted to take a left turn onto Ebenezer Road where it collided with the deputy’s vehicle, traveling north on Ga. 21. The deputy suffered non-life... Read more »
  • Semi Truck Driver Killed in Single Vehicle Accident
    Accident Facts A late night semi truck accident proved fatal for the unnamed driver on June 28. The single vehicle accident involved a truck that flipped over between the Chatham and Lynes Parkways in the westbound lanes of Interstate 16 in Savannah, Georgia. The tractor-trailer reportedly took out roughly 150 feet of guardrail and some... Read more »


  • Garbage Truck Overturns, Traps Driver
    Accident Facts The driver of a garbage truck had to be rescued from his vehicle on October 16, reports the Sun Sentinel. The Broward County Sheriff Fire Rescue and tactical rescue team freed the man, whose legs were pinned beneath the dashboard of his truck. The garbage truck was overturned and resting on its side... Read more »
  • Two Accidents Involve a Total of 10 Vehicles, Including Tractor-Trailers
    Accident Facts Two crashes involving a total of eight passenger vehicles and two semi trucks occurred around 9:30 a.m. on July 13 on the northbound I-95 in Riviera Beach, Florida. The first accident involved four passenger vehicles and a tractor-trailer. Officials on the scene said that the wreck was likely caused by heavy rain. An... Read more »
  • Trucker Dies after Tire Blows
    Accident Facts Police believe a blown tire was the cause of a fatal truck accident on July 9th on Interstate 75, just north of Ellenton. Semi truck driver Scott Edward Hinchliffe unfortunately died in the crash. Police say he was not wearing a seatbelt and was ejected from the truck after it hit an embankment... Read more »
  • Tractor-trailer Hit-and-Run Totals Corvette
    January 6, 2012: A man was injured when a tractor-trailer hit his Corvette twice and kept driving. The name of the tractor-trailer driver is not available, because he has not yet been caught. Both drivers were traveling eastbound on Highway 826 near Northwest 27th Avenue in Miami Gardens when the collision occurred. Comments from Our... Read more »
  • Who is to Blame for Florida’s I-75 Pileup? Investigation Continues
    Ten people have died and many more are being treated for injuries resulting from a multi-vehicle accident on I-75 in Florida. In lieu of the completed investigation, smoke and fog are currently being blamed for Sunday’s tragedy. Early Sunday morning, Florida Highway Patrol officers closed the highway due to lack of visibility and later reopened... Read more »
  • One Woman Killed, Two Injured by Tire Remnants
    On Monday, January 16, 2012 one woman was killed and two others injured when they hit tire remnants that flew off of a tractor-trailer driven by Yuri Babenko.  Both vehicles were traveling south on Interstate 95 in Volusia County, Florida. Upon hitting the tire, Jose Camacho lost control of his Ford Explorer, exited the roadway,... Read more »
  • One Killed, Five Injured When Logging Truck Loses Control
    On Thursday, December 29, 2011, one person was killed and five injured when the driver of a log truck lost control of his vehicle, resulting in it overturning and spilling logs across Interstate 95 in Port Orange, Florida. The overturning of this tractor-trailer caused a chain-reaction crash involving a U.S. Mail tractor-trailer, a semi carrying... Read more »
  • Head-on Accident with Semi Truck Leaves Two Dead, Two Others Injured
    ST. PETERSBURG, FLORIDA — On Friday, December 30, 2011, two women were killed and a man and infant injured when a tractor-trailer driven by Michael J. Phillips crossed the centerline. The two women were driving east on State Road 64 in Hardee County when Mr. Phillips traveled outside of his lane. Mr. Phillips struck the Toyota... Read more »
  • Man Killed After His Vehicle Cut Off by a Tractor-trailer
    DAYTONA BEACH, FL – On December 20, 2011, Mr. Jeffrey Farless was killed when a tractor-trailer, driven by Agron Shembitrak, pulled his vehicle out of a rest stop and directly into the pathway of Mr. Farless. Both vehicles were traveling on Interstate 95 in Brevard County. Mr. Farless was unable to stop his vehicle and... Read more »
  • Couple in RV Hit by Truck, One Dead and One Injured
    ORLANDO, FLORIDA – On November 26, 2011, a woman was killed and a man injured when a tractor-trailer sideswiped the RV that the couple was riding in. Mr. and Mrs. Gentry were driving on Interstate 95 near Ormond Beach, Florida when a tractor-trailer sideswiped the RV, sending it out of control and into an embankment.... Read more »


  • Tractor-trailer Causes Chain Reaction Accident
    January 30, 2012: A tractor-trailer driven by Dean Mann on behalf of Hardin Trucking rear-ended a 2011 Chevrolet pickup causing that vehicle to rear-end the car in front of it, driven by Lucille Pratt. All three vehicles were driving south on Highway 9 in Calhoun City, Mississippi. The occupants of the pickup truck, driven by... Read more »
  • Teacher Killed and Three Passengers Injured in Trucking Accident
    JACKSON, MISSISSIPPI – On December 4, 2011 a woman was killed and her three passengers injured while driving on I-20 through Pearl, Mississippi in Rankin County. The collision occurred when a tractor-trailer (driver’s name not released) overturned onto Cynthia Trest’s Honda Accord while driving on the I-20 exit ramp. Ms. Trest was pronounced dead at... Read more »
  • Military Tanker Truck Crashes and Burns Near Hattiesburg MS
    SEMINARY, MS – A military semi tanker truck flipped over and crashed Saturday afternoon, August 14, bursting into flames on a highway in Covington County, Mississippi. The fiery tanker truck accident occurred in the southbound lanes of Mississippi State Highway 49 near the town of Seminary, MS. The accident area is in the southeast section... Read more »

North Carolina

  • Woman Killed When Tractor-trailer Flips
    Accident Facts A tractor-trailer flipped over a guardrail in an accident that took one woman’s life and put a man in the hospital, according to NewsChannel 36. According to North Carolina Highway Patrol, the truck’s load of paper shifted, causing the truck driver to lose control. Both people in the truck were airlifted to Carolinas... Read more »
  • North Carolina Mental Health Director Killed by Logging Truck
    UPDATE: Trucker convicted in death of Steven Jordan. Accident Facts Steven Laverne Jordan, mental health director for North Carolina, was killed in an accident on July 4th. Charges have been pressed against Clifton Ellis Jr., driver of the logging truck that struck Jordan as he biked north on Louisburg Road. Both the logging truck and... Read more »
  • Two Adults Killed and One Child Injured by Reckless Semi Truck Driver
    GREENSBORO, NC, Winston-Salem, NC – On Thursday, December 19, 2011, two adults were killed and one child injured when the driver of a tractor-trailer (no name given) began driving recklessly on Highway 49 in Asheboro, NC. The driver of the tractor-trailer was passing cars in a no-passing zone when he drove one car off the... Read more »
  • Truck Rollover Accident Kills One, Injures Two
    FAYETTEVILLE, NC – One person was killed and two other injured when a tractor-trailer (name of driver not released) swerved into the median on Interstate 95 in Rowland, North Carolina and overturned. The crashed truck covered both lanes and the shoulder of the road.  Shortly after the tractor-trailer overturned, a car driven by Tameka McLellan... Read more »
  • Man Killed in Accident with Tractor and Semi Truck
    FAYETTEVILLE, NC – On November 7, 2011, Mr. Robert Lucas was killed when the tractor he was driving was hit by a tractor-trailer.  The name of the driver of the tractor-trailer has not been released.  The collision occurred in Spring Lake, NC at the intersection of Bragg Boulevard and Deerfield Drive.  A witness stated that... Read more »
  • Semi Truck Crashes into North Carolina Home
    SALISBURY, NC – Two family pets were startled Wednesday morning, September 29, when a semi truck suddenly crashed into their home in Rowan County, North Carolina. No one else was home at the time of the truck accident that occurred when a log truck collided with a car on Sherrill’s Ford Road and skidded off... Read more »
  • Truck Driver Charged after Rear-End Accident in North Carolina
    RALEIGH, NC – A driver of an 18 wheeler was charged Saturday afternoon, September 4, after his semi trailer truck slammed into the back of a passenger vehicle that was stopping at a traffic light in Wake County, North Carolina. The rear-end truck accident occurred on Capital Boulevard near the city of Wake Forest, NC.... Read more »
  • North Carolina Troopers Crack Down on Unsafe Big Rigs on I-77
    CHARLOTTE, NC – The North Carolina Highway Patrol is cracking down on big rig violators following the fatal semi truck crash on Interstate 77 in Fort Mill, SC on Monday, August 16, 2010. Crashes like this are what law enforcement officers want to keep from happening on our Interstates. In that semi truck accident, a... Read more »
  • Fiery Tractor Trailer Accident on SC I-77 Kills Driver
    Fort Mill, SC – On Monday, August 16, 2010 at about 3:00 p.m. a tractor trailer accident occurred when a truck pulling a gasoline tanker crashed into another vehicle then caught fire on Interstate 77 near Charlotte, NC, killing the driver. The accident happened near mile marker 87 on I-77 just north of Highway 160.... Read more »

South Carolina

  • Trucker Heroics: UPS Driver Rescues Family
    The Trucking Attorneys commend a South Carolina UPS driver for saving five children and their parents after a car crash. Eric Logan, 44, of Lady’s Island, SC, was driving a few hundred yards behind the car when the driver lost control and crashed into a marsh. Logan said that the car went airborne and then... Read more »
  • Dump Truck Driver Charged with Reckless Homicide
    Accident Facts William Travis Crutchfield, 66-year-old dump truck driver in Columbia, South Carolina, has been charged with reckless homicide after killing a man on the morning of June 25. According to police, the accident happened in the city’s Five Points restaurant and bar district, where Crutchfield was driving the commercial dump truck and reportedly did... Read more »
  • Tractor-Trailer Jackknifes into a Ford Taurus
    GREENVILLE, SC – A Ford Taurus was hit and dragged for several feet by an unhooked trailer. A tractor-trailer, driven by Melvin Miller of Kannapolis, North Carolina, flipped over on a ramp on Interstate 385 at mile maker 51 in Greenville County, South Carolina and the trailer separated from the cab before hitting the Taurus.... Read more »
  • Semi Truck Accident on South Carolina I-20 Injures Three
    COLUMBIA, SC – Three people were injured and hospitalized after a fiery tractor trailer accident occurred Thursday morning, Sept 16, in Lexington County, South Carolina. The two vehicle collision occurred near the state capital of Columbia on Interstate 20 and shut down the highway for more than four hours. On Thursday morning an unidentified truck... Read more »
  • Semi Truck Overturns on South Carolina Highway
    CLOVER, SC – A semi trailer truck overturned Friday afternoon, Aug 13, on a highway in York County, South Carolina. The rollover truck accident happened at the juncture of South Carolina State Highways 55 and 557 just east of the city of Clover, SC. The accident area is in the far north central section of... Read more »
  • Collision Leads to Truck Accident Near Piedmont South Carolina
    PIEDMONT, SC – An earlier collision restricted traffic lanes and likely led to a truck accident Monday, July 28, on a highway in Anderson County, South Carolina. The truck accident occurred on Interstate 85 near the city of Piedmont and would involve several vehicles and send nine people to the hospital. The accident area is... Read more »


  • Fatal Semi Truck Accident on I-40 in Lebanon, TN
    LEBANON, TN – One person was killed in a semi truck accident on Interstate 40 in Lebanon, Tennessee on Friday, October 1, 2010. Lebanon is in Wilson County, Tennessee in the north-central part of the state, about 13 miles northwest of Watertown and about 31 miles east of Nashville.
  • Two Dead When Van Collides with Semi Truck in Lafayette TN
    LAFAYETTE, TN – A van carrying nine passengers collided head-on with a semi truck Tuesday afternoon, September, 29, at about 3:30 p.m in the city of Lafayette, TN resulting in 2 deaths. Lafayette is in Macon County, Tennessee in the northern part of the state about 58 miles northeast of Nashville. The accident occurred as... Read more »
  • Semi Trailer Hits Guardrail in Chattanooga Truck Accident on HWY 27 North
    CHATANOOGA, TN – A semi truck crashed into a guardrail on Highway 27 North in Chattanooga, Tennessee when the flatbed trailer, carrying a roll of steel weighting 47,000 pounds, buckled. The accident happened around 6 a.m. Thursday morning, September 23, near the intersection of U.S. 27 and the 4th Street exit. Arthur Littlefield was the... Read more »
  • Semi Truck Collides With Pickup Truck Near Nashville, TN
    CLARKSVILLE, TN – On Monday, September 20, 2010 a pickup truck collided with a semi truck in Clarksville, Tennessee, seriously injuring the driver of the pickup. Clarksville is located in Montgomery County, Tennessee in the northern part of the state on the border with Kentucky, about 49 miles northeast of Nashville.
  • Two Injured in Semi Truck Head On Collision in Monterey, TN
    MONTEREY, TN – Two brothers from Cookeville, TN are lucky to be alive after a head on collision with a semi truck on Tuesday afternoon, August 10, 2010. The crash happened around 4:20 p.m. on Highway 84 in Overton County just north of the Overton / Putnam County line. Monterey is in Putnam County, Tennessee... Read more »

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