Woman Injured in Tractor-trailer Accident in Gainesville, GA

GAINESVILLE, GA – October 27, 2011 – A woman named Elba Ticas was injured in a tractor-trailer accident when a truck driven by Brandon Lowe entered into her path, hitting the front end of her vehicle. This collision occurred on Memorial Park Road in Gainesville, GA. Ms. Ticas was transported from the scene of the collision to Northeast Georgia Medical Center.

Comments from Our Truck Accident Attorneys

Truck drivers have to be wary of their vehicles swaying or drifting into the other lane of travel. Because of the size of the trailer, it can sway several feet at high speeds. In addition, an empty trailer is much more prone to move erratically than a fully loaded trailer. We have handled a number of cases involving trailers drifting or moving into an adjacent lane of travel causing a collision. You can review our cases results by clicking here.

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