Trucker Heroics: UPS Driver Rescues Family

The Trucking Attorneys commend a South Carolina UPS driver for saving five children and their parents after a car crash.

Eric Logan, 44, of Lady’s Island, SC, was driving a few hundred yards behind the car when the driver lost control and crashed into a marsh. Logan said that the car went airborne and then landed in the mud, a regional hazard called pluff mud.

Logan stopped his truck and ran over to the car. He saw a male driver slumped over the steering wheel and a female adult passenger, but Logan went for the children first.

“I got the children out…to make sure they were OK, and carried a couple in my arms, a couple on my back, just to get them out of the mud,” Logan said. He had to pull out the eldest child after he jumped into mud and sank to his waist.

After putting the children in the hands of Harbor Island security, Logan returned for the couple. The man was still unresponsive, so Logan performed CPR on the man until he became coherent.

Humble Hero

With a UPS route to adhere to, Logan returned to his truck as soon as the family was safe, not bothering to stay to receive attention for his act of kindness. He stopped by the fire department later in the week for an update on the family and was informed that they had checked out of the hospital and returned home. The family had been on vacation.

“I was pluff-mud stinking for the rest of my route,” the 26-year UPS employee told HeraldOnline.

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We are impressed with the selfless assistance offered by Eric Logan. His act provides a good occasion to ask oneself, “Would I have stopped?”

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