Two People Killed in a Hit-and-Run

ATLANTA, GA – Two individuals were killed in a tractor-trailer accident when a Ford Focus into a Toyota Camry. The drivers of the tractor-trailer, Focus and Camry were on Interstate 285 southbound in Atlanta, Dekalb County, Georgia when the tractor-trailer hit the Focus in the passenger side and drove off.Ā  After the Focus hit the Camry both drivers exited their vehicles to survey the damage when a Cadillac DTS ran into the drivers, Artraceous Little and Gashaw Tefera, and killed them.

Comments from Our Trucking Attorneys

We have had success locating a hit-and-run tractor-trailer through surveillance cameras and GPS tracking on the unit. Most trucking companies use GPS to keep track of their vehicles. In a hit and run accident, an experienced trucking attorney can gather evidence from the scene and surrounding surveillance camera to determine the most likely trucking company involved in the accident. You can only make a final determination by filing suit against the trucking company and a John Doe driver and narrowing down the number of possible involved drivers to the one who was operating the unit involved in the accident. It takes time, experience and extensive resources, but we have done it a number of times in the past. You can see our case results by clicking here.

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