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Joe Fried Named Trucking Trial Lawyer of the Year

Joe Fried, partner at Fried Rogers Goldberg, was recently named “Trucking Trial Lawyer of the Year” by the American Association for Justice.  Joe was selected for this honor from a pool of 400 attorneys across the nation.

The distinction was awarded for “outstanding representation of people harmed by unsafe trucking companies, and relentless dedication to public safety in commercial transportation,” the trophy reads. It comes from the AAJ’s Trucking Litigation group.

This humbling honor attests to the work done this year by Joe and his partners at Fried Roger Goldberg in Atlanta. They call themselves the Truck Accident Attorneys for a reason – because trucking cases make up more than 75% of their caseload, and because they have a stellar record of obtaining justice for truck accident victims.

The firm’s attorneys are consulted nationally when other attorneys take on trucking cases. They’ve written a book on how to tackle trucking cases, offered case documents to other attorneys and advised police on investigating truck accidents. As a former police officer, Joe knows the importance of a proper and impartial investigation.

Joe also knows the importance of understanding the nuances of trucking litigation. That’s why Fried Rogers Goldberg has accumulated a long list of impressive victories on behalf of injured clients, and it’s why the firm receives honors like the one we are proud to announce today.

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