Trucking case settles for $14M

Fried Rogers Goldberg Attorneys snag third multimillion-dollar settlement in S.C. this year

Joseph A. Fried of Fried Rogers Goldberg has reached a $14.25 million settlement for a Georgia family in a South Carolina wrongful death case against a trucking company.

The details of the settlement¬†were made public because of settlement¬†requirements in South¬†Carolina that differ from Georgia,¬†where lawyers can simply withdraw¬†lawsuits by saying they‚Äôve¬†been resolved and keep settlement¬†terms confidential. In South¬†Carolina, withdrawal of a wrongful¬†death case must be approved¬†by the courts, according to Fried.¬†‚ÄúSouth Carolina makes it very difficult¬†to have confidential settlements¬†because the court approvals¬†are required,‚ÄĚ Fried said.

Because the case involved multiple¬†plaintiffs and minor children,¬†several court orders were required.¬†Judge J. Michelle Childs of the¬†United States District Court for the¬†District of South Carolina approved¬†the settlement in June. ‚ÄúIt took forever¬†to get the court to approve the¬†settlement,‚ÄĚ said Fried, who noted¬†the parties reached an agreement in¬†April.

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