Tractor-trailer Causes Chain Reaction Accident

January 30, 2012: A tractor-trailer driven by Dean Mann on behalf of Hardin Trucking rear-ended a 2011 Chevrolet pickup causing that vehicle to rear-end the car in front of it, driven by Lucille Pratt. All three vehicles were driving south on Highway 9 in Calhoun City, Mississippi. The occupants of the pickup truck, driven by Josh Mohagnan, were injured in the collision.Ā 

Comments from Our Trucking Attorneys

There is no excuse for a professional truck driver to rear-end the vehicle in front of him. Truck drivers are taught to maintain sufficient space between their tractor-trailer and other traffic to come to a complete stop without an impact. Unfortunately, many truck drivers do not follow their training or are in a hurry and ignore the industry guidelines for space management. We have handled a number of rear-end collisions involving tractor-trailers. You can view our verdicts and settlements by clicking here.

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