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Teacher Killed and Three Passengers Injured in Trucking Accident

JACKSON, MISSISSIPPI – On December 4, 2011 a woman was killed and her three passengers injured while driving on I-20 through Pearl, Mississippi in Rankin County. The collision occurred when a tractor-trailer (driver’s name not released) overturned onto Cynthia Trest’s Honda Accord while driving on the I-20 exit ramp. Ms. Trest was pronounced dead at the scene, and her three passengers, who sustained injuries, were transported to the University of Mississippi Medical Center.

Comments from Our Trucking Attorneys

A truck driver is required to have his load properly secured so that his vehicle does not roll over as a result of a cargo shift. It is always driver error for a tractor-trailer to roll over because either the cargo was not secured properly or the driver was traveling too fast for conditions. We have handled a number of cases where a tractor-trailer has rolled over.  You can see our case results by clicking here.