Sheriff’s Deputy Injured in Accident with Semi Truck

Accident Facts

patrol car plowed into by a semi truck

An Effingham County Sheriff’s Deputy was injured while on duty when his patrol car was plowed into by a semi truck. The tractor-trailer heading south on Georgia 21 attempted to take a left turn onto Ebenezer Road where it collided with the deputy’s vehicle, traveling north on Ga. 21.

The deputy suffered non-life threatening injuries and was treated at Effingham Health System. Effingham County Sheriff’s Office spokesman David Ehsanipoor stated, “The seatbelt probably saved his life.”

The patrol car (pictured right) was significantly damaged. The driver of the tractor-trailer escaped with no injuries.

Comments from The Trucking Attorneys

A tractor-trailer driver must not execute a left hand turn unless the truck has time to make it all the way across traffic without colliding with oncoming traffic. Because of the size of the tractor-trailer, the driver must use extreme care and must judge the speed of oncoming traffic before making a left hand turn.

Because of the risk of a left hand turn maneuver, many companies require the truck driver to make multiple right-hand turns instead of making a left hand turn. If the left hand turn cannot be made safely because of limited sight distance or traffic patterns, then the truck driver must look for other alternatives instead of making the maneuver. If the truck driver does not succeed in making a safe passage, causing an accident, victims deserve compensation for their injuries or for the deaths of family members resulting from the wreck.

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