Woman Killed When Tractor-trailer Flips

Accident Facts

A tractor-trailer flipped over a guardrail in an accident that took one woman’s life and put a man in the hospital, according to NewsChannel 36.

tractor-trailer flipped over a guardrail

According to North Carolina Highway Patrol, the truck’s load of paper shifted, causing the truck driver to lose control. Both people in the truck were airlifted to Carolinas Medical Center. The driver, James Keech, was treated and remains in good condition. Passenger Jennifer Fenwick, 36, was in the sleeper-section of the tractor-trailer at the time of accident, and passed away a few hours after being taken to the hospital.

Luckily, this was a single car accident. The aftermath would have been far worse if other vehicles were nearby at the time.


A truck driver is required to have his load properly secured so that his vehicle does not roll over as a result of a cargo shift. It is always driver error for a tractor-trailer to roll over because either the cargo was not secured properly or the driver was traveling too fast for conditions. We have handled a number of cases where a tractor-trailer has rolled over.

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This is a good reminder to all truck drivers that accidents and injuries may be caused by improperly secured loads, rather than external factors such as weather or other drivers. Share this blog with any truck drivers who you think could benefit from the reminder.

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