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One Woman Killed, Two Others Injured when Tractor-trailer Rear-ends a Car

DAYTONA BEACH, FL – On Friday, November 25, 2011, one woman was killed and two others were injured when a tractor-trailer, driven by Ralph Schrock, hauling lumber rear-ended a stopped car.  Theresa Woodfin and Mr. Schrock were driving on Florida 100 in Flagler County when Ms. Woodfin stopped to make a turn off of Florida 100.  Mr. Schrock failed to stop his tractor-trailer and slammed into her Buick, killing her.  Mr. Schrock hit a second vehicle driven by Timothy Reese before his vehicle overturned.  Mr. Schrock and Mr. Reese were both injured.

Comments from Our Trucking Attorneys

Truck drivers should always be able to avoid rear-end collisions. These types of collisions occur because the truck driver is not trained properly in maintaining space between his vehicle and the car in front of him or is not looking far enough in front of him to see stopped traffic or a disabled vehicle in time to stop. There is no excuse for a truck rear-ending a vehicle. Truck drivers should always know how to avoid this type of an accident. We have handled numerous rear-end collisions involving commercial vehicles and trucks. You can see our case results here.