Motorcyclist Runs Red Light, Causes Fatal Crash with Tractor-trailer

Accident Facts

A motorcyclist is dead after crashing into the side of a tractor-trailer at high speed. Police identified the rider as James W. Dorsey, 33, of Pooler, according to the Savannah Morning News. Dorsey was traveling west on U.S. 80 at 1:30 a.m. when he failed to stop for a traffic light and slammed into the truck.

Dorsey was declared dead at the scene. The truck driver was uninjured. Metroā€™s major accident investigation team is still reviewing the details of the case.

Comments from The Trucking Attorneys

Truck drivers must exercise extreme care when sharing the roadway with motorcycles. These tiny vehicles are far smaller than tractor-trailers and motorcyclists stand almost no chance of surviving a collision with a truck.

Motorcyclists must also be very wary of tractor-trailers. Semi truck drivers have extremely limited visibility, which makes it hard for them to see motorcycles. We feature 5 Safety Tips for Motorcyclists to Share the Road with Trucks in our blog.

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Do you know someone who rides a motorcycle? Share our safety tips with all riders you know so that they can practice safe driving techniques around tractor-trailers. For many riders, one accident is the only one they get.

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  1. John Lawyer

    Riding a motorcycle is so dangerous and still there are motorcyclists that risk even more and do stupid things like running red light.


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