Fatal Accident Involving Motorcylist and Box Truck

Accident Facts

Egbemimon Edorh-Ananou was the fatal victim of an accident involving his motorcycle and a Freightliner box truck on September 29 in Montgomery County. The motorcycle operated by Edorh-Ananou entered the truckā€™s lane, for reasons that Montgomery County Police are still working to determine. He was pronounced dead at the scene. The driver of the truck, Erick Tatchikou, was not injured.


Trucks must use extreme caution around motorcycles, due to the unprotected nature of the smaller vehicles. Motorcyclists are as unprotected as pedestrians and cyclists, but accidents can be even more dangerous due to the speed at which the motorcycle may be traveling. A motorcyclist rarely survives a crash with a tractor-trailer. We have handled many cases involving motorcycles. You can look at our past case results by clicking here.

Your Thoughts

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