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Man Killed After His Vehicle Cut Off by a Tractor-trailer

DAYTONA BEACH, FL – On December 20, 2011, Mr. Jeffrey Farless was killed when a tractor-trailer, driven by Agron Shembitrak, pulled his vehicle out of a rest stop and directly into the pathway of Mr. Farless. Both vehicles were traveling on Interstate 95 in Brevard County. Mr. Farless was unable to stop his vehicle and ran into the backend of Mr. Shembitrak’s tractor-trailer. Mr. Farless was killed on impact.

Comments from Our Trucking Attorneys

Because of the size and weight of a tractor-trailer, it is dangerous for the vehicle to pull out into the roadway from a stopped position. The truck driver must activate his flashers and build up enough speed to merge with traffic. It is a violation of trucking industry standards to merge into highway traffic at a slow rate of speed. We have handled a number of improper merging cases. You can review our case results by clicking here.