One Killed, Five Injured When Logging Truck Loses Control

On Thursday, December 29, 2011, one person was killed and five injured when the driver of a log truck lost control of his vehicle, resulting in it overturning and spilling logs across Interstate 95 in Port Orange, Florida. The overturning of this tractor-trailer caused a chain-reaction crash involving a U.S. Mail tractor-trailer, a semi carrying methyl bromide and a passenger car. The driving of the semi, Francis Tammel, was killed when his truck hit the log truck and exploded in flames. The individuals in the passenger car, the mail truck and the log truck were all injured and transported to Halifax Health Medical Center in Daytona Beach.

Comments from Our Trucking Attorneys

Truck drivers receive specific training on proper braking and speed control to avoid having their vehicle jackknife and overturn. It is always the truck driverā€™s fault if he allows his vehicle to jackknife during normal traffic patterns. We have handled several jackknifed tractor-trailer collisions. You can view our case results by clicking here.

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