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Jury rules Marta must pay for escalator injury

A FULTON COUNTY jury as awarded more than $500,000 to a woman who said she was injured when a MARTA escalator suddenly accelerated, shooting her off the end and causing the heavy bag around her neck to wrench her neck.

In court filings, MARTA said that the only reported incident on July 11, 2003, involved the stopped escalator being used as a stairway upon which “an elderly gentleman became dizzy and fell,” causing “a domino effect which caused the individuals on the escalator to run off.”

“MARTA claimed the accident never happened,” said lead plaintiff’s attorney Michael L. Goldberg of Fried Rogers Goldberg, describing the version his client told. “Essentially, she was on that 75-foot escalator at the Peachtree Center station, shopping for her business at the Apparel Mart, and about one-third of the way down, the escalator starting speeding up,” said Goldberg.

“Everybody star ted yelling and screaming, the lady behind her gave her baby to a big man behind her to hold, then a MARTA security guard came up and hit the emergency stop,” said Goldberg. Goldberg’s client, Cynthia McCarty, who was in Atlanta shopping for the country club she manages in Lakeland, Fla., “hit the floor running,” the attorney said.

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