Joe Fried Discusses a Unique $5.475 Million Accident Case

Thanks to a commitment to digging until the truth is fully uncovered, the Truck Accident Attorneys’ Joe Fried was recently able to secure a $5.475 million verdict in a case involving a three-car accident. But what sounds like a simple car accident turned into a case unlike any Joe had handled before.¬†Joe Fried - Daily Report - 5.475 Million Car Crash Verdict

Joe discussed the case with the¬†Daily Report¬†recently. It offers a unique look¬†into the investigation of an accident, where there are many uncertainties and¬†unexpected surprises. In this case, the official police narrative of what happened was suddenly turned on its head when a new witness came along telling a different version of events — but Joe was able to shake the witness’s credibility as an effective eyewitness. In the end, he secured settlements of $5.25 million from the insurance provider of one driver and $225,000 from the provider for another driver.

Joe’s client deserves this compensation, but it can’t heal all of her wounds. The permanent nerve damage she sustained in the action leaves her unable to go back to work.

Read a PDF of the Daily Report story here.

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