Joe Fried to Present Trucking Liability Seminar

Joe Fried, one of The Truck Accident Attorneys from Fried Rogers Goldberg LLC, will educate fellow attorneys and other professionals on trucking laws and liability in a Dec. 11 teleconference.

picture of Joe Fried, Truck Accident Attorney, Atlanta Georgia In the teleconference, Fried and Massachusetts lawyer Edward Bassett Jr. will speak to lawyers, insurance executives and other interested professionals about the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration, its regulations and the responsibilities all tractor trailer companies bear to keep our roads safe. Strong knowledge of these laws can help professionals keep their clients safe from both danger and potential litigation.

For more information on the seminar, including how to register, contact us. Credit is available through the Continuing Legal Education program.

Our lawyers at The Truck Attorneys are known nationally for their experience in the laws and liability surrounding semi trucks, and that’s why they are tapped to help educate other lawyers. The Truck Accident Attorneys were recently named by U.S. News & World Report as one of America’s Best Law Firms. Earlier this year, Joe Fried, a former police officer with strong investigative skills, was named in the list of Best Lawyers in America.

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