Garbage Truck Overturns, Traps Driver

Accident Facts

The driver of a garbage truck had to be rescued from his vehicle on October 16, reports the Sun Sentinel. The Broward County Sheriff Fire Rescue and tactical rescue team freed the man, whose legs were pinned beneath the dashboard of his truck. The garbage truck was overturned and resting on its side when the man was rescued.


Garbage truck drivers are thoroughly trained to avoid collisions, especially those of a serious nature such as overturned vehicles. Not only are garbage trucks massive, but they mostly travel through residential areas. This makes the need for safe driving tactics supremely important. Nobody other drivers or pedestrians were injured in this accident, but most situations will not be that lucky.

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Your Thoughts

Would you feel safe if a garbage truck driver was involved in an accident in your neighborhood? Have you ever considered that the driver of a service vehicle could be negligent, intoxicated or otherwise dangerously operating his or her vehicle? Share this blog with friends and family so they can be aware of the danger and take measures to protect their loved ones.

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