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Four People Injured in Accident Involving Three Semis

SAVANNAH, GEORGIA – An truck accident involving three semi trucks and one passenger vehicle caused Interstate 16 in Bryan County to be shut down for hours. Police say that one tractor-trailer hit another, which caused a third truck to jackknife. The fourth vehicle involved swerved to avoid the accident and crashed into a tree. All four drivers were taken to the hospital; one remains there. One of the truck drivers reportedly climbed out of his rig, punched out the window of another semi truck and pulled the occupant to safety.

Comments from Our Trucking Attorneys

Truck drivers are trained to avoid accidents by being aware of their surroundings. Many tractor-trailer accidents involving tractor-trailers could have been avoided if the driver had maintained a safe driving distance, driven at a speed that was safe for the conditions and taken extra care while sharing the road with other tractor-trailers. A safe speed is vital to preventing jackknifing, because hard braking maneuvers with any left or right movement will cause the trailer to off-track and move at a different speed. A driver who is properly trained should know how to avoid a jackknife, even in an emergency situation. Our truck accident attorneys have handled a number of similar cases, and you can see our case results by clicking here.