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Couple in RV Hit by Truck, One Dead and One Injured

ORLANDO, FLORIDA – On November 26, 2011, a woman was killed and a man injured when a tractor-trailer sideswiped the RV that the couple was riding in. Mr. and Mrs. Gentry were driving on Interstate 95 near Ormond Beach, Florida when a tractor-trailer sideswiped the RV, sending it out of control and into an embankment. The tractor-trailer did not stop and no information is available regarding the truck or driver except that the logo “Prime” was seen on the side of the trailer. Mrs. Gentry was killed, and Mr. Gentry received minor injuries.

Comments from Our Trucking Attorneys

In a hit-and-run accident with a tractor-trailer, it is possible to track down the truck driver through the company’s GPS system. Most tractor-trailer companies have a GPS system to track the movement of their vehicles. After filing a lawsuit, it is possible to subpoena computer data from the trucking company to identify the truck driver. We have located hit-and-run truck drivers like this in the past. You can look up our case results by clicking here.