Fatal Accident Involving Log Truck, Charter Bus and Pick-up Truck

RICHMOND, VA — A multiple vehicle accident on Interstate 85 took the lives of three people and injured one other. A pick-up truck, carrying Brandy N. Richey, her husband, James A. Richey, and James Richey’s father, James P. Richey, was forcibly slammed into the back of a logging truck after being rear-ended by a Coach America Charter bus. All three aforementioned people died. The fourth passenger, Rhonda M. Meeks, was injured and received treatment before being released from the hospital.

The bus driver, Malverse L. Vanloan of Greensboro, N.C., has been charged by police with reckless driving.

Our Trucking Attorney’s Comments

Bus drivers, like truck drivers, are professionally trained to operate their vehicle safely and carefully. The bus driver should have maintained a safe distance between his vehicle and the pick-up truck. He should have also utilized the height of his vehicle to look ahead for signs of slowed traffic so that he could begin to slow down in advance.

Victims of this accident, and their families, may be able to hold Coach America responsible and receive compensation to help with the aftermath of the accident. The company should have provided Mr. Vanloan with proper training so that he could have avoided this kind of accident. If the company is found to be negligent, victims could receive compensation to cover medical costs, funeral expenses, counseling, and damages for physical and emotional pain and suffering. Our experienced truck accident attorneys have successfully handled many cases like this one and obtained the maximum compensation for victims and surviving family members. View our case results here.

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