6 settlements, $20 Million, One week

Joseph A. FriedFacing a string of back-to-back trials, lawyer Fried ends his week with a clutch of settlements.

Joseph Fried mentioned on Twitter recently that he had an unusually busy calendar, with a string of back-to-back trials. But by last weekend that seemed to change. A Saturday tweet said, “Case settled. No trial Monday.”

On Monday morning, that more traditional type of communication, a phone call, revealed it wasn’t just one case that settled last week. It was six, including two on Friday.


“I guess the planets aligned,” said Fried, a partner at Fried Rogers Golderg. “I resolved six cases last week.”

Total value of the six settlements: $20 million. Fried said his partner, Michael Godberg, told him, “You just had an incredible year – in a week.”

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