What are some of the dangers associated with trucks?

Semi-tractor trailers have certain limitations that other occupants of the road must be aware of. Truck limitations include:

  • Blind spots. Many semi truck or tractor-trailer accidents are caused by blind spots, or “no zones.” When another vehicle is in one of these areas (typically located in the immediate front, back and on either side of the trailer), the truck driver is usually unable to see it. All too often, a truck turns into a passing vehicle, causing a serious accident.
  • Wide turns. Trucks need to swing wide to the left in order to perform a right turn. When a truck makes a wide turn, the driver is often not able to see smaller vehicles directly behind or beside his truck. Similarly, a truck’s trailer often has the tendency to sway into other lanes when traveling at a high speed.
  • Stopping distance. Trucks require a greater stopping distance than other vehicles. When a truck does not have the stopping distance required, a rear-end collision may occur.

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