Breakfast Workshop Seminar

As part of our commitment to continuing education, each month we host a breakfast workshop/seminar in the conference facility of our office building located at:

Three Alliance Center
3550 Lenox Road, N.E.,
Atlanta, GA

Located on Level P5
Conference Room A

There is no cost to attend, and breakfast and beverages are provided for all attendees.

The next Breakfast Workshop will be:

January 18th, 2018 from 8:00 a.m. to 9:30 a.m.

Featured speakers on their recent verdicts:

All meetings are archived at We will be giving away copies of our recently published trucking book at this month’s meeting.

The format of the workshop is an open discussion of issues facing plaintiff’s lawyers during the litigation process by a panel of lawyers. We also set aside some time to conduct a case workshop where attendees can ask questions related to their actual cases. This workshop/seminar is informal and participation from attendees is encouraged. Often we have a medical provider or legal-related professional make a short presentation on medical or legal issues.

Webcast of Seminar (access code required)

In addition to hosting the seminar at our office, we will be broadcasting the seminar over the web. In order to view the webcast, you must be provided with an access code.

The webcast can only be viewed by Plaintiff’s lawyers. The webcast is provided free of charge by Courtroom Connect and Legal Technology Services. We highly recommend these organizations for video-conferencing, streaming of depositions and trials, videography services and trial technology services.

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