Deadly Casino Bus Crash Claims 8 Lives in Texas

On Saturday May 15th, a bus headed to the Kickapoo Lucky Casino overturned on Highway 83 in Laredo, Texas, killing 8 passengers and injuring 44 others.

This article contains information on recent news, and we will have more details on the bus operator’s violation history, an area in commercial transportation safety law our firm has significant experience. While the investigation is ongoing, we offer our deepest condolences go to those who lost their loved ones in this deadly crash.

Although it was raining that morning, authorities have not ruled inclement weather as a significant factor in the accident. “Our troopers are going to look into what happened but it’s going to take us some time,’ said Texas Department Safety Trooper Conrad Hein, “we just know the driver lost control.”

The driver of the bus is listed among the survivors of the wreck however was described as suffering major injuries. On Sunday, the National Transportation Safety Board (NTSB) began investigating the cause of the crash, but the final outcome could take months to decide.

However, early investigation into the bus company – OGA Charters, also located in Texas – shows the company was ordered to sideline a bus in May 2015 by the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Association due to severe brake problems. Additionally, the company had a total of 15 violations in the past two years. It is unclear at this time if the bus involved in the accident is the same one ordered to be sidelined.

“The fact that the operator had 15 violations is the past two years is alarming. It raises serious questions not only about the driver, but about the entire operation. These violations and the whole safety culture are things we will be aggressively investigating on behalf of claimants who require representation.” As stated by Joseph Fried, a lead trial lawyer in commercial transportation accidents including semi-trucks and bus charters.

When any transportation company fails to maintain their fleet and injures passengers, however inadvertently, that company should be held accountable. Certainly the families of these 8 victims and those injured on what should have been an enjoyable Saturday deserve justice for their pain and suffering.


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