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Here we focus on truck accidents and the firm’s latest achievements. Posts are written by our attorneys, Joe FriedBrian “Buck” Rogers and Michael Goldberg. If you have questions or suggestions, please let us know.

9 Tips for Passing Your Driving Test

“Dad, can you take me to the mall?” “Mom?” “Anyone?” Every driver looks back on these days with a shudder, and remembers canvassing the house for a ride to the movies, a party or just to a friend’s house. Getting your driver’s license means never having to depend on...

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Teen Driver Safety

For thousands of teenagers in Atlanta, across Georgia and beyond, summer break is just around the corner. That means lots of fun, free time and, for many teens, their first summer with a driver’s license and a first car. As parents, we know you’re concerned about the...

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Truck Accidents and Hazardous Materials

Earlier this month, a Washington interstate was the scene of a truly bizarre trucking accident. A tractor-trailer carrying hundreds of bee hives turned over on the highway, unleashing 14 million bees into the air. No one suffered serious injuries. The bees were being...

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