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A picture of Michael GoldbergMichael L. Goldberg graduated with a J.D. from the University of Georgia. He has been lead counsel for the plaintiff on eight cases with verdicts in excess of a million dollars. He is the author of the Library of Georgia Personal Injury Forms and Understanding Motor Carrier Claims. Learn more about Michael and connect with him today!

Excluded Driver Liability

By Michael Goldberg I was recently asked about the validity of “driver exclusion” in a liability insurance policy. Many times substandard auto insurers will issue a policy to an individual but will specifically exclude certain people from driving the vehicle,... Read More

5 Tips to Prevent Accidents with Trains

Earlier this month, we blogged about a fatal accident involving a commercial truck and a passenger train. While there are many groups and organizations dedicated to safety within the transportation industry, one in particular focuses on rail safety education. This... Read More

Brake Safety Week for Commercial Trucks

September 11th through 17th is Brake Safety Week. During this week, the Commercial Vehicle Safety Alliance (CVSA) will work within the trucking industry to improve knowledge, compliance and performance of brake maintenance. Why the Focus on Brakes? After years of... Read More