Over 100 years of combined experience handling truck accident cases

While many attorneys claim to handle truck accident cases, at Fried Rogers Goldberg LLC, we dedicate more than 95% of our practice to handling only truck accident and commercial vehicle cases. Joe Fried, Brian “Buck” RogersMichael Goldberg, and Eric Rogers — the Truck Accident Attorneys — have more than 75 years combined experience.

Our firm is based in Atlanta. However, we are admitted in many states in the South East and Eastern seaboard. Law firms from across the country bring us in on trucking cases because of our expertise in this area of law, and we have handled trucking cases in more than 20 states.

We are the only law firm in the country to publish Understanding Motor Carrier Claims, a nationally recognized 108-page legal treatise on truck accident law. We’re proud to say that we wrote the book on truck accident laws – literally.

Regardless of where you live in the country, we are the attorneys you need to contact if you or a loved one has been seriously injured or killed in a tractor-trailer accident. We have built our careers on helping people like you.

A National Reputation

Joe Fried of Fried Rogers Goldberg was named Trucking Trial Lawyer of the Year for 2013-2014 by the American Association for Justice. He was nominated and selected from over 400 excellent attorneys across the nation for this distinction.

It is a testament to the work that Joe and the other partners at Fried Rogers Goldberg put in on behalf of clients. It’s why other attorneys seek us out to assist them when they are involved in trucking litigation. Our knowledge of trucking law and our diligent handling of cases has produced a long list of victories for victims of trucking accidents.

How do I choose a truck accident attorney?

Every truck accident case needs a truck accident attorney.

It is imperative that injured victims and their families choose the right attorney to represent them in their claim against a trucking company and its insurer. Many attorneys advertise that they handle truck accident cases, but often they do not have the background and experience to handle these complex matters. You might end up settling your case for a fraction of the actual value.

We have put together this checklist of questions to verify that you are choosing the right attorney. Don’t settle for an attorney with anything less than these qualifications.

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Every truck accident case needs a qualified truck accident attorney.

Yes Dedicates at least 75% of practice to handling truck accident cases
Yes Recovers millions of dollars in truck accident settlements/verdicts each year
Yes Has team of experts ready to investigate a truck accident
Yes Other lawyers refer truck accident cases to them
Yes Published a legal treatise on truck accident law
Yes Frequent speakers at truck accident seminars
Yes Members of truck accident litigation groups (APITLA, ITLG)
Yes Knows about the electronic data kept in the truck’s computer system
Yes Knows the federal regulations governing truck operations
Yes Handles a small volume of serious injury cases (10 to 15 cases per lawyer)

The attorneys at Fried Rogers Goldberg meet all the criteria for handling truck accident cases. If you are considering hiring an attorney to represent you or your family in a truck accident case, take this checklist and ask them if they have the expertise to meet all of these qualifications.

You can download the checklist by clicking here and can download our firm brochure by clicking here.

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